Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TPT Social Skills Purchases That I 100% Recommend...


In my previous posts, I complained about how my snipping tool wouldn't work (because Windows 8 is a little over my head in some areas). Well, in an effort to solve my excessive pop-ups problem, I found that I had "Launch [-ed] Google Chrome in the Windows 8 mode." Is anyone else a fan of Google Chrome? I love it until I can't figure something out. Well, now that I've got it back to "desktop mode," I can now have the internet window open at the SAME TIME as Snipping Tool. WHEW! I feel like I got my life back....

Moving on.... to what I came here to write about in the first place: 

So, the other day, last week, I finally submitted my receipts for PTA reimbursement. The deadline honestly snuck up on me, so I took advantage of some of the things on my wishlist, and I bought a million great activities to use during morning priming and lunch bunch. I can't wait to prepare everything and put it to use, but here's just a few of the amazing products that I purchased:
This is SUCH a great skill to practice with students who have Autism. I purchased this gem from the all-star Jivey! :) I've had my eye on it for a while. Click the picture to pick it up and place it in your shopping cart!

And I got the following items from the AMAZING Dabbling Speechie! Click each picture to go to the TPT store and pick them up! I just bought the bundle for $30, and if you're interested in that, click HERE.

These are all amazing, and I'm still in the process of printing, preparing, and organizing them all, but I recommend them to anyone who needs materials to teach social skills. You can read the Dabbling Speechie's blog here, to see more of the amazing things she does!

Some of her ideas come from the wonderful Michelle Garcia at Social 

Have you ever heard of SUPERFLEX? 
Well, Michelle Garcia and the Social Thinking team are to thank for this wonderful curriculum, and I have a Pinterest board of ideas to get you started. It may have some social materials mixed in, but it's a pretty great collection of ideas!! :)

That's all for now! Enjoy your new products! (Because I know you'll go buy them.... right?!)

~Sarah :)

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  1. Looks like you have loads of great new resources to play with! Thanks again for the Leibster nomination a while ago, thought I would return the favour so I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Check out my post here.

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