Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One of those days...

Everyone has those days.... 

....The kind of day where it's just one thing after another.

Well, I haven't had a day like this since I could remember. Although it really wasn't too bad (it could have been much worse), I can definitely use some chicken soup :).

It all started before I could even get out of the house this morning. And then I knew that something was up when I turned on my Pandora station (to cheer me up) and of course it only wanted to play songs from the early 2000's that I've just heard wayyyy too many times, which really started to annoy me. Then, when I gave up on Pandora (only because I have the free version, where it would only let me skip a certain number of songs), I tried playing a new upbeat song, and somehow it didn't want to work.

Well, finally it did work (just in time, because I pulled into the school parking lot before it was half-way over), and I completely forgot that my day started out rough. I skipped into school remembering that breakfast was served by our PTA because of Exceptional Children's Week :). They served catered Chikfila, and I couldn't be happier (especially since I haven't had those Chicken Mini's since high school!!). It wasn't until later that I realized that this was just one of those days that was just not going to stop.

For instance.... I forgot something VERY important at 9:00 (making several people very angry) * I made a student cry at lunch bunch * the power went out 10 minutes before dismissal * my student's bus happened to be late, and then...... when a rescue bus DID come, the database was still down (from the power outage) * so we couldn't print out the bus info for the sub bus driver.

So on a normal day, we dismiss at 3:20, all students and staff gone by 3:50. With the new dismissal (added 30 minutes to make up from the storm) that started yesterday, we dismissed at 3:50, and should have been gone by 4:20, but the bus didn't come until 4:30, and didn't leave until 4:45.


At that point, I blamed everything on the full moon (I certainly checked when I got home, and it's not, but it really seemed like it was!!) The part that really got me down was that I couldn't help but feel like EVERYTHING was all.my.fault. I hate that feeling! (Especially when I know I can't possibly be responsible for the power going out, the bus being late... etc. )

Well.... so when I got back to my desk, I pushed my to-do list out of the way, and did something relaxing. :)

Do any of you use picmonkey.com? Well I'm addicted. I can't remember who's blog I was reading that introduced it to me, but I read someone's tutorial on how-to-do-something-rather (I just can't remember!) and I've been hooked since. Also, on Sunday night, I was reading Kristin's post (from A Teeny Tiny Teacher) about organizing her desktop, and I was like:    :-o    This is what her's looked like:

Click the picture to go to Kristin's post!

Isn't it beautiful?! I knew instantly that I must have one!! So I followed the links that she posted from Mrs. M (from Color Me Kinder) which led me to Heather (from Moritz Fine Designs) and I saved Heather's template so that I could make one later. And then I went to bed. That was Sunday.

So as I was sitting at work this afternoon thinking what I could do to unwind, instead of packing my things and going home, I got started and made my own :)

I started with Picmonkey.com. I clicked on "EDIT" and uploaded the wedding pic that I use as my current background on my work computer. I didn't even have to worry about creating a canvas and figuring out the resolution size, because I already knew that this size worked as a background for my screen (You may want to look into that, though if you're not sure! Just follow Kristin's tutorial, or ask and I'll help you out).

Then I faded it by sliding the "contrast" bar under the "Exposure tab." (I apologize for not having step-by-step pictures! I'm still figuring out how to use my Snipping Tool with my Chrome app on this Windows 8!)

So then it looked somewhat like this: 

I added some overlay labels, laid them out (I found that 8 fit on my picture), and I clicked on the gray color, and faded them so that my picture below could still shine through.

After sorting through my messy desktop, I listed out the categories that I would like to have (it worked perfectly that 8 boxes fit, because I wasn't sure if I wanted any in different sizes like Heather's template).

Then, I added some pink banners, text boxes, and the decorative corner overlays, and WAH-LAH!

So, it turned out like this: 

I am 100% in LOVE with my new desktop :) After I saved the picture to my computer from picmonkey.com, I right-clicked on my desktop, went to "Properties," and uploaded it to be my desktop picture. You can check out Kristin or Annie's post to learn how. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know, and I'd be glad to help you!

Here is what it looked like after I finally saved it as the background and got everything all organized:
Isn't it like a breath of fresh air? It's so amazing :)

So after all, I got to sit back and look at the Happiest {absolutely best} day of my life... and I suppose my day sort-of evened out after everything. Hopefully I can get through the remaining 46 extended days (51 total) without another day like this! (*Fingers crossed*)

*On another note, ................does anybody watch How I Met Your Mother? I've only been hooked on this show since last January, but I REALLY loved last night's episode! I can't WAIT till the finale! 

Until next time,
~Sarah :)

**PS: Can anyone figure out my question from my March Currently??? The answers were: "Grey and Yellow" ....... The pictures above may give you a HUGE clue!!    ;)

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