Saturday, March 1, 2014

Currently March

Can you believe it?

 I cannot. It feels like last week (it was actually 3 weeks ago) that we were snowed in for a few days, here in ATL, GA. Yeah, go ahead. I hear you choking back your laughter .... Well, if you need a good laugh, you should go back and watch what Jon Stewart had to say about our FIRST storm (Snowpocalypse #1 2014) from January. So, go ahead. Laugh. Here, I'll even post it for you...

(TIP: You may want to skip along to 1:30)
(WARNING: I don't agree with all of the crude jokes and remarks made by Jon Stewart, but some of his jokes really were funny)

*I couldn't insert the video, but just click here to open in a new window *

Here's the only few pictures that I snapped from both Crisises:

#Snowcopalypse #1:

Look familiar? Yup, I was able to snap this same shot that Jon Stewart talked about in his segment.

There's my poor car, after school on Tuesday, Jan. 28th. Our school did NOT release early, but these were the last cars left, being responsible and taking care of those kiddos (I was not one of them.. I was still set on taking the hubby out to dinner!)

#Snowcopalypse #2: 

Don't you love having the time to spend preparing a delicious and nutritious lunch for you and your family?

...After a total of 7 days cancelled due to "inclement weather," it doesn't feel like we had much of a January OR a February. Since we got back from our last snow-cation, we've been running like crazy to catch up on lost time. SPEAKING of lost time, our school district decided to make up our four days by adding 30 minutes to the end of the school day. So, I know it's all over the ATL news, but I'm not sure if you've seen anything about it in your neck of the woods.

The thing is, I'm really not mad. If anything it should (hopefully) benefit me. I have to make up a few lunch bunch segments, which I can definitely do on Fridays. And I may have to pull students in the afternoon. However, I have no doubt that it should work out just fine, and if I do all my make-ups sooner than later, I might get a FULL planning period at some point (would you believe that?! Coming from the person who had ZERO planning last year...)

Another funny thing, is that I had read one teacher's blog post (I can't remember who it was for the life of me, and I just can't find it!) about a teachable moment from the whole experience. She gave students the freedom to write a persuasive piece about what the school system should do in order to make up the days. Her kids were RIGHT ON THE MONEY with extending the school day 30 minutes so that we don't have to add days to the end of our school year! But I thought, "Pssh, what a great idea (especially coming from a kid), but noone would EVER agree to that..." Interesting, right?

ONE THING is for sure: This year will go down in our minds as HISTORY. We've never had 7 snow days in a year (let alone within two weeks of each other). I know that it was memorable for my husband and I (especially since the first storm came on his birthday - and unfortunately, everyone closed up shop and drove home by 2:00 that day, so the only place we could find that was open, was CHINESE. We live less than a mile from a BILLION restaurants, and yes the hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant was the ONLY thing open. So yes, he got Chinese Take-out for his bday dinner. He didn't complain, but I was mildly sad that I didn't treat him to the Stoney River or J-Alexander's steak dinner that I had planned :(

*If you wanna read more highlights about our crisis in Atlanta, please this post from Kelly at First Grade Fairy Tales. She did an awesome job summing up the good & the bad!* 

So no, that's why I can't believe it's March. Here's what's up:

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1) Listening... I've accepted the fact that my husband (who just turned 27) will never grow out of video games. He gave up the XBOX for nearly two years, but he still played games on the computer. And then the ONE came out. And .... well, all I can say is that Marriage is all about compromise :) Plus, it gives me the time to sit on my laptop and blog hop! :)

2) I have the best job in the BEST school in the world. HANDS DOWN. More to come about that later..

3) We have rented this house since July, expecting that with a 12-month lease, our house in Augusta would have sold [hopefully - which it did, a few weeks after we signed this lease], and we would have enough saved up for a new house in this area. The problem with going from an area with a lower cost of living to a higher one. Now that it's *MARCH* we have exactly 4 months to find, close, and renovate (if necessary) the house of our dreams before our lease is up! I can't wait..

4) .... Don't we all? ....

5) HINT: No, the question is NOT "What are my favorite colors?" I can't choose favorites, very well... so think again :)

I can't wait to see everyone else's currently! Have a great March, everyone!
~Sarah :)


  1. Adding 30 extra minutes to make up the 4 days? That's not too bad of an idea? We are going to school til the end of the earth with all these snow days! No news has been made about cancelling vacation, adding time or anything of such. We just keep tacking days on to the end! Not a fan! I want my Summer vacation!


    1. Lol, I agree. I'm very thankful that they didn't cut into our summer vay-cay, BUT we STILL have to also make up 3 staff development days before June 6th, when our last day is May 22nd. Still, it's not bad for me because I don't have kids or much to worry about these days. If I did, it might be a different story. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Your house hunt must be exciting and scary all at once. I wish you well.

    1. Mary, Thanks for your comment! Yes, it's exciting and scary. It hasn't even started yet, and I went to a few open houses last week which really worried me, because I realized that I'm even pickier than I thought!! :/ Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Adding 30 minutes doesn't seem that bad. I know some people who have to do their makeup days on Saturdays. We are also looking for a house. Good luck on your search! I'm guessing the gray and yellow might be colors that you are wearing.

    1. Good guess! I'm actually wearing a grey hoodie right now, but that's not the correct answer!! I am so thankful that we don't have to make up our days on a Saturday! Good luck on your own house hunt, and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ha ha, no men never grow out of video games. I do the same while my hubby plays. Thanks for your sweet comment, I'm guessing the color of your dream kitchen? Good luck to you!
    First Grade Dual

    1. Libby, great guess! As much as I love yellow, I don't think I would put it in my kitchen. But thanks for the reassurance that I'm not the ONLY one with a husband that still plays video games. :)


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