Friday, March 7, 2014

Tesla, Bones, and Stomach Virus

What do these three things have in common? Well, it's how my week wrapped up after Tuesday.

Fortunately, Wednesday was a MUCH better day. It went along a pretty normal day, and around 3:15 I received a message from the hubby saying that he was able to borrow the company car for the night. :D

FYI: The last time this happened, we naturally had to go out on the town. {naturally, right?!} And we went to Dan's favorite restaurant: Houston's (it's in Buckhead, anyone ever been there?!)

This time was no different. Except this time, we invited a couple of friends. We went back to Buckhead, but I wanted to go somewhere I've never been before. And then our friend suggested BONES. (FYI: The best steakhouse EVER)

So it was a definite turn around from the kind of day that I had on Tuesday, that's for sure! Whew!

Here's some pictures from the night:
Pretty sweet, huh?

My best teacher friend and I

Yup, that's right. The battery is under the floor boards. So you get an extra Trunk (in the front) for extra storage. How cool is this?!

No joke, this is the navigation / camera / multimeadia screen (which is larger than the screen on my laptop). You can show two screens at once, which is pretty cool. The screen that we are looking at is the energy consumption, so you can be conscious of how well you're driving :)
 So, after a night in the Tesla, I decided that it is now my Most Favorite Dream Car, ever!!! I hope Santa brings me one this year!!  (Hey... It's called a DREAM CAR, right?!)

Randomly, I got this cute little piece of Chicken Soup from a student in one of my co-teaching classes on Thursday. TOO SWEET. I folded it and put it in my treasures box. :)
Back to topic: So Wednesday was amazing. Then Thursday was a pretty normal day, as expected. I got home, ate dinner,and took a nap. (SIDE NOTE: I've been going through an awful sleeping phase for the last two weeks... I can't turn my mind off at night, no matter how exhausted I am. and therefore, I stay up until past 12 and can NOT bring myself to get up at 6am. Does anyone else ever go through these phases?)

Well, on Thursday I decided to cut back on my caffeine so that it would help me sleep better. That was a failure, seeing as I fell asleep right after dinner. Then I got up, showered, and went to bed around 9, hoping to get a good night's sleep. Just before I went to bed, I started to get a stomach ache, which made me even more motivated to shut the lights and go to sleep so that hopefully it would go away....

Well, it didn't. I woke up time after time with hot/cold flashes and feeling nauseous. Finally, I got sick in the middle of the night, and it went downhill from there. For the rest of the night, if I did try to go back to sleep, I found myself dreaming about how I need to get up ASAP and start making sub plans.

Isn't it the WORST when you don't have emergency sub plans, and you have that over your head to keep you from resting when you're feeling so green?!

Well, unfortunately, because my routine is so different from day-to-day, there's no way I can come up with emergency sub plans to have on hand for emergencies like this. I had to suck it up, and write them so that my amazing parapros could print them out before the sub came.

Ugh, so after all of that, I finally was able to sleep all day and feel MUCH better now. Hopefully I can make it to the end of the year without taking any more sick days!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

~Sarah :)

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