Sunday, September 28, 2014

Writing Across the Curriculum

Ever stress out and wonder how you're going to fit all of that JAM-PACKED curriculum into your busy schedule? Then figure out how to differentiate and give some kids an extra boost?

Well... I can't say that I'm here to solve all your problems... but... this unit is like a 3-in-one!

I feel like I've been creating a lot of graphic organizers lately for my high-functioning kiddos, so I thought I'd start sharing them, and see what you guys think!

So I adapted a writing assignment for a 3rd grade social studies unit about Georgia Habitats and made a graphic organizer and checklist to help our visual learners organize their thoughts. My new product is great for all learners, but it is PERFECT for students who have frequent "writer's block" or executive functioning weaknesses.

The assignment: Students must choose a habitat to write about, then write a friendly letter, with facts that they've researched about their habitat, and persuade parents with reasons why they should visit, or write their teacher explaining why it is the best habitat.

The skills practiced in this unit:
- Expressing opinions
- Supporting their reasons with evidence from informational text
- Organizing ideas in 4-square
- Writing interesting topic and closing sentences
- Using a checklist to increase independence and direction-following

What's included:
- 4-square organizer (for GA habitat or any habitat in other regions of the US)
- checklist with all components needed for writing the friendly letter with sentence starters!

You may pick up this FREEBIE for a limited time by clicking on the picture of the cover page above or right HERE.

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