Monday, September 8, 2014

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The Grand Opening of my TPT Store!!!

I've had ideas flowing all summer, and I've finally taken the time to pull it all together! First, I would like to share with you my *FIRST TPT PRODUCT!!* 
I use this 5-star Leader Poster Pack to provide a visual for my rules and expectations. The 5-Star Leader Program uses a mnemonic device to remember the expectations: 
S= Stay positive (Always bring a positive attitude to class!)
T= Try your best (Never be discouraged!)
A= And participate while following directions (You must participate AND follow directions! It's two different points! That's how it adds up to a 5-point star!)
R= ...Respectfully and Responsibly (You need to be respectful and responsible at all times!)

During my social skills classes, that I call Lunch Bunch, I use a self-monitoring positive reinforcement system to keep kids accountable for their behavior, while rewarding them for making good choices. In Lunch Bunch, everyone "wins" regardless of how many points they earn. The prizes are ranked, so that they can usually earn something (as long as they earn at least 5 points). Usually, this system works well enough that it's easy to earn the maximum number of points. However, when a kid is having a rough day, this system reminds them to improve on a certain skill so that they can earn the desired prize next time. 

Setting up for Lunch Bunch! Students pick a sheet and a twistable crayon, write their name & date, then color their score for the day!

Below is a picture of the self-monitoring sheet that I use. I copy them on colored paper, and then slice them on the dashed lines. My groups come to me twice each week (either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) so I have a separate format for each. The kids are taught to color in their score, so if they earned all 5, then they color in the number 5. On the second day, they add their points up, and prizes are as follows: 

This is the MW self-monitoring sheet. **FYI: There is also a TT template, as well as a 5-day template if you want to use it for a group that you have every day. 

Available Prizes (organized in Drawers): 
5 points = 1 sticker
8 points = washable tattoo
9 points = pencil/eraser prize
10 points = STAR SLIP (A PBS System that my whole school go nuts over them, which makes them EXTREMELY desirable!)

Here's a sneak peek of what's included when you purchase this packet! Click the picture to get it from my store!


For the next month, I am giving it away FOR ONLY $1! I want users to try it out and give me feedback for this system, so the price will increase on 10/8/14. Please, please, PLEASE help me out and let me know what you think!

While you're visiting  my store...

Please check out my new freebie! (Click the picture below to find it at my store)

Please be mindful that these are the very first products that I am posting in my store, and the best way to help a new Teacher-Author out, is to give feedback! 

Thank you all for your help in supporting a new TPT Teacher-Author!! :)

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