Sunday, September 21, 2014

Organizing my Classroom!

Our school was open yesterday (yes, on a Saturday) so that teachers could prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences next week. So while I was there prepping my stuff, I decided to spend a couple of hours organizing! Whew, it feels so much better! Here's a tour:

Classroom Supplies:

This wooden shelf holds the construction paper, various styles of handwriting paper, and buckets of "Fun Friday" activities (dry erase center, fine motor center, pattern blocks, unifix cubes, toy cars, and coloring books)

The blue mailbox above holds various teaching materials on the right column. The left column is for finished work (each student has a number) that needs to be graded. The middle column is for work that needs to be finished. It's a great system for figuring out who needs to finish what. 

There are regular and mini-sized clipboards next to the mailbox. 

From top left to bottom left: Pencils & erasers, colored pencils, sticky notes, crayons, scissors & glue, index cards.
From top right to bottom right: Thin markers, thick markers, dry erase markers, stickers/rewards, magnet center, chalkboard center.
On top: Thick pencils (left), Ready-to-write regular pencils, battery-operated pencil sharpener, and pencils that need to be sharpened.

 Above: A picture of the markers drawer! Sooooo organized! I'm obsessed!

 Storage Cabinet #1:  

 (I wish I had taken before-pictures! Everything was scattered all over the place, and things were shoved in on top of other things, and it was AWFUL!)
Top Shelf:  Since our room is used for Lunch Bunch, we NEED paper towels, wipes, and sanitizer. I also keep plastic cups on hand for different activities and bucket filling. :) 

2nd Shelf Down: Card games & flash cards

3rd Shelf Down: Board games for Lunch Bunch!

Storage Cabinet #2: 

Top Shelf: Crafts Materials (foam materials, tissue paper, confetti & ribbon)
2nd Shelf Down: Stuff for bulletin boards, timers, Notepads, and Various Teacher Supplies & Sentence strips

3rd Shelf Down: Stamps & Pipe Cleaners, batteries, extra staples, craft sticks, thumb tacks, hot glue guns, clothes pins, teacher scissors, and tape
4th Shelf Down: Playdough kit, paint brushes, shaving cream & Modeling clay, Teacher markers/pens, stamps

 Well, that's a sneak peak into my cabinets! Now... On to making labels!! Whew! What's behind yours?

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