Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Teachers are Heroes & 2nd Grade Animal Research Packets

Hello, friends!!

As you know, TPT is having a SALE!!!

I'd personally like to take a moment and say THANK YOU to all the amazing teachers out there (ESPECIALLY teacher bloggers) who have inspired me to bring and design CUTE products to engage students and make learning more fun! I have learned so much since I started following teacher bloggers, and it reminds me why I love what I do. What other profession involves doing the impossible everyday (I mean seriously - between the teaching, differentiating, data collecting, hand- holding, and never-ending to-do lists!!!)?!

Teachers really are HEROES, and I'm so glad to show my thanks for you all by participating in this wonderful sale! So head over to my blog to get some great deals under $4!

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While you're there, I thought you might like to check out my Animal Research Packets! Now, I originally created this to help some of my 2nd grade friends during a writing unit, but it could be used for any grade. If you are interested in using it for a special education classroom where you have multiple grades, please email me and let me know, and I can send you a different cover page for the other grade levels! :)

First of all, I have two different products, so please read carefully before you purchase!

The first is a RESEARCH PLANNING PACKET, to help organize facts as students research.
This packet also includes pages to use as the first draft OR final draft, but WARNING: it specifically has headings to help students remember to use their topic and concluding sentences (See picture below):

That's right! You get TWO great packets in ONE UNIT (*FYI: Click on each picture to enlarge!!)! 

Now if you have enough time to spend on this unit, and you want to go through the entire process (edit, revise, and conference with students...), then the PLANNING PACKET could be your research and rough draft packets. Then you can purchase PART 2 for the final draft! 

So, quick recap before you purchase:
Planning Packet = Research Packet & Rough Draft Pages (with sections for Topic Sentence, Body, and Concluding Sentences)
*ORIGINALLY, this product was $4, but you can get it TODAY ONLY for $3.20
Click HERE to Purchase the Planning Packet PART ONE

Part 2 = Final Draft Packet (complete with text boxes and additional text features)
*ORIGINALLY, this product was $3, but you can get it TODAY for $2.40
Click HERE to Purchase PART TWO

Please let me know if you have any questions!! Enjoy these amazing products!

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