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I LOVE three day weekends!! They're my favorite. So we had a furlough day on Friday, and they decided we can go to a professional learning to keep our money for that day - but I had already planned on having my nice day off! :) And Thursday was cool because we had a half day, and I spent the afternoon rearranging furniture and getting more organized. I can't WAIT to come back with pictures on Monday. Anyways, I've been working on some things to share all year, so here it is... MY VERY FIRST FREEBIES EVER!!! I'm so excited! I just hope you like them as much as I do!

Remember my fabulous clip chart? Well, I've finally just edited it to have pretty borders! 
Click [here] to download the file, including the THINK-O-METER sign. 

Well I got SO many compliments on my Reinforcements poster, I decided to finally post them for you here to print out for your own use. I mainly just listed the main reinforcement categories that would be available in my classroom, and I found clipart in Word, and google images. This is what I came up with. Let me know if you would like the word document to edit it yourself, and I would be happy to send it to you!
So, you're probably wondering how I use it. The truth is, I don't actually use it right now. But here was the idea.... I have these "I CAN DO IT!" token reinforcement boards, and the students are supposed to choose which item they want, get it from the pocket poster, and they can add that picture to their board. 
The token system came with little velcro stars, which was perfect, but they can be a little pricey. So I made some to share with you :) Click on the picture below to download your own reinforcement board and pictures.
 This year, I decided to create a strict morning routine checklist to help students get settled more quickly. I never actually used it, but here's a copy if you're interested. Let me know if you would like the editable version!

So I worked really hard to produce an effective calendar system this year. Well, this is how I set it up at the beginning of the year, but I actually have done some rearranging since then, so I need to update the picture... However, I'm going to tell you a little bit about our routine, and then you can get the last freebie at the end :D....

So the VERY first thing we do during Calendar time is... count the number of days we've been in school....

So we add the number card to the pocket chart (above), and then we add another craft stick to our ones cup (below). You can see we have a cup for hundreds, tens, and ones. Then we write how many tens and ones on our Place Value chart! (Notice- the students do all of it! I just ask the questions!)

So then we add another day to the month, and talk about the complete date:

 ...Then the kids take the purple days of the week cards and place them in the correct "today" "yesterday" and "tomorrow" pockets..

.... and we get rollin' with the rest of the routine. It goes by very quickly, because we add "one" for each "day" on each of the colored sheets...we correct the code date,  add another tally, add another coin, and then we check over all our work!

When all is done, we transfer everything to our calendar journals...

This is what it used to look like ^^^

 However, this is what it looks like now... it's alot less messier. And, it has TRACING pages! It's great for differentiation, because some pages are blank, but some have numbers to trace, so I am able to use BOTH sets in my classroom :). I got this template from Jennifer Tilton from You NEED to check out her blog, and if you're interested in this awesome calendar packet, you can find it in her TPT store, here.

So, now for the FUN STUFF!! If you were at all interested in the signs that I had, I updated them to be a little more organized, and you can download them for yourself [here]

Well, I REALLY hope you enjoyed learning about some of our routines, and I hope you will able to use some of my freebies! Please leave me a comment with your email if you would like the editable version of any of these documents!

Happy Saturday!
<3 Sarah

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