Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Best Field Trip EVER!!!

I HAVE to share some of the awesomely ADORABLE pictures that we got from today's exciting day! We were invited to go trick-or-treating which was organized by our local news station and sponsored by local businesses around the area, and I had NEVER seen some of the smiles that we saw today. This trip was so well worth every bit of hard work we have put in during the school year...

^^ First, a picture of the awesome bulletin board my para made us last week during our half day :). She was able to pull them individually to decorate a fall shape of their choice, and she put names on the other shapes. She is SO awesome. I wouldn't trade her for ANYTHING. :D
^^ After face painting, I tried to get all their pictures outside... next to the door... I forgot one. But we were going to be late, so OH WELL.

^^The AMAZING Ms. K doing some face painting, next to the MOST HANDSOME-looking were wolf EVER!!! 

^^ Here we have two triceratops dinosaurs. Poor boy on the left REALLY wanted to be the INCREDIBLE Hulk, but poor Ms. K couldn't figure out how to make a Hulk hat! :/ Lucky for him, we ran into (whaddya know?) Mr. Hulk himself at the event.
 ^Soooo tickled by his favorite hero! :)
 ^^Our boys love any kind of reptile. Dinosaurs, lizards, alligators, you name it... So OF COURSE we had to get a picture with the crocodile. Nobody really cared for Cap'n Hook, but he never left Mr. Alligator's side.. so we took a picture with both! LOL
 ^^Most amazing part EVER!! They had STUDENTS setting up round tables with cake, rice krispies, and juice!! Our class LOVES snack! Better yet, you would not BELIEVE the service! They had young kids, (I mean 11 years old) coming around with trays, asking politely if they could "...take any trash out of your way for you ma'am?" Like WHAT!? I don't know who trained them, but they were TOTALLY amazing. They even came around offering teachers cans of Sprite and bottles of water. I loved them. I wish I could take them home! :D
^Not sure I've ever seen them so happy in my LIFE!
^We even went to the playground afterwards! The weather was perfect, and it was super fun to play on a different playground. 

So that's it... My chicken soup for the day. I love fun days. Funny how polar opposite some of our days can go. Sometimes they are too good to be true, and other days, well, we just have to keep on ...keepin' on, as I like to say :) Either way, I LOVE my class, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world! Days like this remind me that this is definitely the best year of my life!

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