Friday, July 6, 2012

Bienvenidos a Cancun!

I can't begin to describe the most amazing trip of my life, right now, because I'm still upset about the fact that I couldn't stay there forever. But if any of these pictures give you the idea that you deserve a proper treatment/vacation... then please look into it by clicking here. I recommend it 100% . Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, from the room, the service, the extra activities, the DELICIOUS gourmet FOOD, the spa massages... EVERYTHING was top notch. I'm going back for my honeymoon. That's a lie. I might go somewhere else, but I loved it so much I want to recreate it exactly. Everything was more perfect than I had imagined, which motivates me to at least try another Excellence location, if I veer away from Playa Mujeres. So anyway, here's a peak into the resort that I stayed at for one GLORIOUS week: 
My fiance learned to scuba in this pool!! Yup
 Bridge over most UNtroubled water... AKA the LAZIEST ever Lazy River
 I miss lounging in the hammock with a frozen fruit drink in my hand...ahhhh

 We basically stayed at this pool the ENTIRE day everyday... The swim up bar is on the right, underneath the outdoor restaurant... Met some cool people there... 

 I miss this bathroom SO MUCH!! :( 

..Crazy cool sculptures..


 Not gonna lie, this was actually the rooftop terrace of our friends' room. We did not get the upgrade, but it sure was cool having a private pool up there!
 The only decent group picture from the trip ((in the main lobby))
 Second floor of the main lobby

 I want an umbrella-covered-bed in my backyard! Why not?

 Overlooking the ocean, saying Adios, and hoping to come back soon.

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