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Katie King at Queen of the First Grade Jungle is celebrating her 1,000 + followers by teaming up with some of the best bloggers out there! 9 awesome bloggers are submitting some of their BEST work and if you win, you get it ALL. Go check it out, and good luck, but I'm going to win it ;D. I am just kidding....

So wanna know what craziness I signed myself up to today? Well, I had an early doctor's appointment, which is *conveniently* across from the street from where I worked last summer. I walked in to say hello, because I have been so busy and haven't had a chance to stop in ALL year :(. So I did, and it turned out that they actually needed a liiiiiiiiiiiiitle help this summer... Well, long story short, I got MY OLD SUMMER JOB BACK!! :D So exciting, right? So my plan of sleeping late and blogging all summer is longer :(. But oh well. The perks outweigh the negative. It's going to be a fun summer. (I was originally looking forward to having a summer OFF except for my graduate courses..... especially since I've worked my butt off every summer of my life.. BUT oh well) I had a BLAST last year, so I'm excited :D.

Well, so with a new job in line, I set out to get my criminal background check... again... but I forgot that I need my social security card, and I was NOT about to travel 30 minutes back home just to go 30 minutes back... so I decided to go shopping instead :D ... what?! I had HAD to celebrate my getting a new job. It's tradition. Any time I get a new job, I splurge ASAP. because I know I have a check waiting for me at the end of the month. TERRIBLE habit, right?

THEN.... I got some awesome new clothes for my trip to Mexico this summer :D and some teacher stuff for next year :).... and then I got my hair cut, went to the grocery store, picked up my prescriptions at CVS, then FINALLY went home. And if THAT'S not enough to be considered productive, I got home, cooked dinner, scrubbed the guest bathroom, organized my office (in search of my *LOST* Social Security Card), and even did the dishes! And around 9:30PM, I still hadn't found my SS Card :(. I was getting ready to dig through the trash, when Dan found it in the files that he had from when he did my taxes back in January. Wow I am SO thankful for this wonderful man :D He does my Taxes, keeps my important documents, finds the things I lose.... :) ahh. Anyways, it is found. And I will get my background check tomorrow before I get my oil changed... Oops. I should have done that today. Oh well! New exciting day tomorrow... and counting the days .... OH HEY 14 days until my birthday :D woohooo ....

Have a good night! And check out Katie's Blog! :D


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