Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Georgia Milestones

Do you live in Georgia? Do you teach 3rd-5th? Do you fear the constructive response questions? Do you worry your lower functioning students and how they will perform? Have you been practicing to help prepare them?

If not, no worries. There is little time, but I put a few organizers together that may help you.

I created this product back in September, to prepare my 3rd grade students right from the beginning. We were given a little guidance about what to expect, and immediately I thought of my 3rd grade students who are very visual learners and lack executive functioning skills. I decided I needed to figure out a fun way to help them visualize, remember, and practice what to do on the test. With little information on the new test, I decided to keep this resource this from the digital world, until I knew more. I presented to our cluster literacy team in November, and got some feedback to make it useful for multiple grade levels.

And now, I believe it's ready to present to you!

Yes, that's right!!! I mean... Who DOESN'T LOVE a superhero theme?!

Here's an example of the COLORED version....

 There's also a BLACK AND WHITE version to save that ink!

In this packet, you will not just find posters! You will also find resources like .....
 and checklists, and graphic organizers to practice with! 
Here's one of the 7 included graphic organizers in this packet. 
If you are needing something to present to students to prepare them for answering constructive response questions, then this is it! Use the posters, use the checklists, practice with the graphic organizers!

*Whatever you do, please don't forget to rate it and let me know how it works for you!*

Here are the links:

Click *HERE* for the BLACK AND WHITE version
Click *HERE* for the COLORED version
Click *HERE* for the BUNDLE that includes BOTH! *(Only $1 more)

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