Friday, June 21, 2013


So today, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to tell you about my random week! And although I've received a job offer, but still don't know what position it's for yet, this is a 100% non-educational post. Oh well... It's been busy and hard to only choose 5, so here we go! 

 1. My 25th birthday!

So, actually my birthday was LAST Friday, but who cares? I did little to celebrate (I actually had a pretty normal day... run, walk dogs, lunch with Dad, brother, and Aunt, and a friend that they work with) but we did go to Seasons 52 for dinner with the family! It was so sweet that they gave me a card!! (I guess they do it for everyone who goes their for their birthday, but I felt so special) I resisted the tower of desserts in the bottom right hand corner, but I blew out my candle (top right) and went for the layers of fruit instead! Call me crazy, but this one has been dessert free since January, and ONLY CHEATED ONCE! (For a good reason... HA!)

2. Bachelorette Weekend!

So here's the scoop... With having a wedding in late July, many people are out of town throughout the summer and it made it difficult to choose a weekend for the bachelorette party. But honestly the best weekend for our girls night out was also my bday weekend (which is a month before the wedding). So it was a 2 in 1 and I couldn't have asked for a better celebration! I made cups for everyone during our painting class. It's called Sips-N-Strokes (SO MUCH FUN!!). We had done this for another girl's party, and I thought it was genius. The painting of the night just happened to be "Dancing martini's" which was a total coincidence, but SO appropriate for the occasion! One of my artistic friends added a diamond ring to the bottom left hand corner, and I hand-wrote our wedding date in it! :D It's PERFECT!

3. Mother Nature Strikes again:

Basically, it's been raining ALOT this year. Anyone notice? Well, it was so bad this week, that the creek in our backyard has risen about a million feet higher than normal. I took a picture only because that log is usually at least 3 feet off the ground. The picture of the house was actually taken from our storm that we had LAST Thursday, but it shows how bad the storm hit our area. The power went out for days around this area (luckily our power was only out for 5 hours, but our friends 4 miles away were out for 3 days) and trees were fallen everywhere. I could have posted many more pics, but I decided not to.

4. Just when life seems too good to be true....

(The lighting makes it look like it's two different colors, but it's just an illusion!) 

So in the week that I had gotten a call for an interview and received the job the next day (10 minutes after the interview, to be exact), I thought that I was dreaming. Then, we went to our old house for the weekend. On the way there, we had to rush our dog to the emergency room because of an allergic reaction (long story short she was okay) after sitting in the worst Atlanta traffic for an hour. (I wish I had pics, but I didn't have any of the good ones)... Then to make matters worse, my wonderful fiance hit a deer on the way home later that weekend. In MY BRAND NEW CAR! (Just got it in March) Even longer story short: I had a small week-long vacation from my new car, but the GOOD NEWS is that I got it back on Monday! Yay!! Just as good as new!

5. Wedding Fever! Big date=1 month away!!!!!! :D

So we are officially one month from saying "I do" and I'm SO EXCITED! I cannot wait to post all about the plans! However, what I will tell is that I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep because of all the ideas running through  my head! I have been clueless what to do for centerpieces on such a tight budget but I think I have an idea that I might try. I'm hoping to give it a shot this weekend, so I can post it for MADE IT MONDAY! Anyways, the tricky part is that with a destination wedding, everything needs to go on a plane. So I thought about taking some plastic water bottles and spray painting them silver, like this one on the left or middle.
Then, I want to go to Hobby Lobby and get some yellow artificial flowers, even as simple as the one above, and voila! Cheap, easy, simple centerpieces that match my grey and canary yellow color scheme! I cannot wait! I just hope I can find the perfect flowers! Any suggestions?! Please let me know what you think!

Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend! :)

PS: Backround frames came from Emily Wean. Find them at her store by clicking here

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